The Wright Eyewear Company

Adapting to change.

We made the decision to close the practice to the general public before the official lockdown was introduced and very quickly came up with systems to enable us to provide emergency care for our clients without putting them or ourselves at risk.

We were extremely grateful that Chis & Sid school equipped us with all of the important visors we needed in order to provide care for key workers.

Naeem, our resident Optometrist, and Victoria, our Eyewear Stylist are working full time, albeit sometimes remotely, triaging any clients that find they need emergency care. Naeem has treated a few clients that have needed referrals on to hospital and Vicky has manged to rescue a few pairs of glasses that have been damaged, in some cases collecting, repairing and re-delivering the glasses to some of our more vulnerable patients, all whilst adhering to social distancing of course!

We’ve also taken our styling services online and are offering consultations via Zoom. So should someone find themselves in need of new glasses and wants to purchase new eyewear, they still get the effortless eyewear styling experience we’ve become famous for.

We are making sure we stay connected with our client base via emails, offering advice and keeping them up to date as we adapt and evolve through this time and our elite team are getting ready to re-open.

Because we are already running an appointment only system it will be very easy for us to implement social distancing rules whilst continuing to make the experience of coming to us a comfortable one.

We’re awaiting guidance from NHS England as to how we will need to conduct an eye examination but we will have the correct PPE in place so that we are ready to go. Going forward, opticians will have to change the way they operate, like many other customer facing businesses but we are ready to adapt to change and embrace it.