Congratulations to our Poppy Picture competition winners!

We are delighted to share with you a short piece from our winners of The Poppy Picture Competition


The m@ke: supported learning students thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Remembrance’ themed week at LECB Sidcup. They each created individual pieces for the Sidcup Partners window display competition and had a wonderfully meaningful experience by joining The Mayor, British Legion and Sidcup community for the service and 2 minutes silence at the War Memorial.

Inspiration for their entry to the competition came from reflection lessons, where they discovered what those who lived through the war must have experienced. A particular focus was the spirit of giving and reasons to be thankful to the many who have bravely fought and lost their lives in conflict and those who continue to serve in wars today.

The students were all hugely proud to take part in this project. They were absolutely elated to hear they had won 1st place and look forward to using the Amazon voucher to purchase yoga mats for future mental wellbeing lessons – THANK YOU Sidcup Partners! It was a pleasure and privilege to take part. – Rachel Ovenell – Tutor & Mentor, LECB.

Here are some personal quotes from the students:

‘It was a really lovely week and I learnt a lot from it. I love animals, so really enjoyed working on the purple poppies and remembering not just the soldiers but the animals too. Thinking about what they went through made me feel sad but the poppy paper art therapy was enjoyable and relaxing. I was really proud of our display and when I found out we had won the competition, I was so happy.’ Louise – Adult Supported Learner, m@ke: LECB, Sidcup.

‘Learning about Remembrance Day made me feel happy and thankful but a bit sad too. I cheered when I found out we had won the competition. I was so happy when Rachel told us the news.’ Nathan – Adult Supported Learner, m@ke: LECB, Sidcup.

‘I found talking and writing about Remembrance Day really interesting. I strongly believe that the soldiers who fought in the war were very brave. It was good to go to the War Memorial and have the 2 minute silence to respect the soldiers that fought and lost their lives. I really enjoyed working with pastels for my art pictures and I feel absolutely great about winning.’ Kit – Adult Supported Learner, m@ke: LECB, Sidcup.

‘I enjoyed using pastel shading, designing and cutting out my own silhouette drawings. It was exciting to take part in the competition and I was over the moon when I heard we had won. We are planning on buying yoga mats with the Amazon voucher for our mental wellbeing lessons.’ Niamh – Adult Supported Learner, m@ke: LECB, Sidcup.

‘Creating the purple poppies reminds us of how we should remember not only the soldiers who gave their lives, but the animals too. It was enjoyable making the art with pastels and silhouettes to create a really moving piece of art. I was proud to share my own art work and excited to find out we had won, knowing our hard work had paid off.’ Conor – Adult Supported Learner, m@ke: LECB, Sidcup.


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