Covid-19 Update on business support

With regards to the government’s support grants for businesses in certain categories, colleagues are working flat out behind the scenes to put systems in place to ensure that eligible Bexley businesses can be paid.  As soon as we know more about the process involved we will be in touch so you can cascade information to your colleagues and contacts.

We also expect within the next few hours to hear an announcement from the Chancellor regarding government support for self-employed and freelance workers.  I hope to be able to update you on that tomorrow.

In the meantime I have a few new updates you may not be aware of:

The Government has announced an extension to the business categories which are now to be included in the business rates holiday for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality sectors.  This now includes:

·        Employment Agencies

·        Estate Agents

·        Betting Shops

·        Wellness Centres

·        Spas

·        Massage Parlours

·        Casinos and Gambling Clubs

·        Bingo Halls

For further information please visit:

Companies House has recently announced that it would be giving Companies more time to file accounts due to the disruption caused by Covid19:

In order to help provide up to date information alerts on all aspects of the Covid19 outbreak (not just business support) and to counter misinformation circulating online, the government has launched a coronavirus information service on WhatsApp.  Further details of this service and how to sign up are here:

There is a new guidance page specifically created to assist charitable organisations during the coronavirus outbreak which may be of interest to some of your local contacts:

Finally don’t forget to keep checking our Bexley for Business Covid-19 support pages –  We are reviewing and updating these constantly.

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