DISC Scheme

Benefits of the DISC Scheme:

  • Real time alerts
  • Report crimes and antisocial behaviour
  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • In partnership with local police

Across the UK, Disc for BIDs enables Business Improvement Districts to reduce the impact of, low-level crime and anti-social behaviour on their levypayers’ businesses.

With Disc for BIDs, Business Improvement Districts benefit from all the functions of Disc for Watch Groups, as well as other powerful Disc functions.

The Disc automated eNewsletter is a uniquely effective and economical way to keep levy-payers regularly and fully informed about BID-sponsored events, emphasizing the benefits that BID brings to its levy-payers: attracting more visitors, driving footfall and helping them build their businesses.

An additional feature of Disc for BIDs is its powerful ‘Public Realm’ reporting system. BIDs can configure the system to handle the public realm issues that concern their levy-payers most.

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