Hurstmere School would like your help!

We are delighted to announce Sidcup Partners have donated some tools to Hurstmere School. We are pleased to have contributed, we feel this is a wonderful project for the students and would like to ask other members of our community and local businesses if they too are able to help.


Please see the message below from Hurstmere School

Our Head of Geography, Mr Baston, has a hobby and passion for classic cars.  He has already rebuilt a MG MGA and is currently working on restoring a Lea Francis 14 sports.

He has wanted to start a classic car club (car club) at the school for a long time, but there has been various obstacles to this, not having space and not having a car being just two.  However, a change in Principal in September 2019 has changed all this.  Mrs Bennett believes a car club would be a great addition to the extra-curricular opportunities (and maybe even curricular as there are mechanical/engineering type course we could do with the students) at the school and told Mr Baston that if he was able to find a car, space would be made on site for the club.

Fortunately, Mr Baston was able to save a 1980s Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign from the scrap yard.  One of his neighbours was getting rid of it and was happy to donate it in order to get the school’s car club up and running.  With the help of a friend, and his trailer, Mr Baston was able to get the car to school (see pictures) and plans are in place to house the car inside a storage room which will allow for the running of the club and a proper workshop area.


Mr Baston was in school earlier this week and took some of the students to look at the room that was going to be used.  He suddenly realised that the club at present doesn’t have any tools/equipment or anything at school to use and set the room up with.  The school cannot afford to buy equipment/tools and although Mr Baston could bring in some tools from his own garage this is not practical in the long term.

Mr Baston would like ask if anyone associated with Sidcup Partners, or they themselves, would have any equipment/tools that could be donated to the school to get the club up and running.  Or indeed would anyone have any contacts that they would be happy to share with the school.

He has big plans to keep the club running including selling the Jaguar once it is finished and using the money to fund the purchase of another car (ideally a more simple car and more suitable for working on, but the Jag is a starting point) and it is envisaged that the club becomes self-sustaining.  He also wants to take students from the club out to see the engineering at places like Bicester Heritage and develop links with local businesses for apprentices.

Thank you for reading this email and any help that you can give to get this project off the ground would be gratefully received.



The following tools and equipment would be gratefully recieved;

  • Trolley jack and 4 axle stands – these need to be good if I have students under the car
  • PPE – work gloves, eye protection etc.
  • AF and Metric Socket set with ratchet/drives
  • Breaker bar
  • Torque wrench
  • AF and Metric spanners / spanner sets
  • Set of screwdrivers of various sizes and lengths
  • Hex head and torx-star set
  • Selection of hammers
  • Selection of pliers including circlip pliers and water pump pliers
  • Selection of mole grips
  • Wire brushes
  • Hacksaw
  • Grease gun
  • Grinder
  • Air compressor
  • Air tool kit/selection of air tools- impact wrench, grinder, sander, drill, tyre pressure gauge
  • Files
  • Tap and die set
  • Bench vice
  • Work lights
  • Compression tester
  • Multimeter
  • Hand drill
  • Battery charger
  • Feeler gauges
  • Stilsons Tool box type thing to store tools in
  • Workbench
  • Impact sockets
  • Welder with safety equipment
  • Bench grinder / stand
  • Parts washer
  • Oil filter removal tool
  • Brake caliper wind back tool set
  • Ball joint splitter
  • Color tune
  • Gear pullers


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