Covid-19 update 07.05.2020


Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab dampened expectation of a quick release from lockdown at today’s Downing Street press conference.

On a day when the Bank of England said the UK economy will shrink 14% this year, its deepest recession on record, he said the Prime Minister would announce on Sunday a ‘roadmap’ with phases of lockdown release, each of which would only take place when certain milestones were reached.

And he warned the government would tighten restrictions again if there were indications the R level (the rate of infection) began to rise.

“The virus is not yet beaten. It remains deadly and infectious,” Mr Raab said. “But because the UK has held firm, we are in a position to start thinking about the next phase.

“This is a dangerous moment so we do need to proceed with caution – subject to strict conditions and strict monitoring.

He said the Prime Minister’s lockdown exit announcement on Sunday would set out how the country could live and work “while maintaining social distancing and other measures necessary to prevent a second peak.”

“This weekend the Prime Minister will set out the next steps we can responsibility take, guided by scientific advice and mindful of taking the right decision at the right time.”

The Foreign Secretary said there would be detailed guidance for the public and businesses so “the whole country can have a better understanding of what lies ahead and give people confidence that we will both protect life and preserve our way of life.”

He said some measures could be brought in more quickly than others, but confirmed there is no immediate change to the rules and asked the public to stick to the current ‘stay at home’ guidance over the long Bank Holiday weekend.



Guidance published for Small-Scale Manufacturers of COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has published guidance designed to help any small businesses, organisations or other individuals who are responding to the call for a national effort to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) aimed at protecting the health of the wearer during the COVID-19 outbreak.


A guide to current financial and welfare support for the fishing industry

Useful contacts for the fishing industry – FAQs from Defra are also available to provide financial support to the fishing industry.

Changes to exemptions from the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR) for small pet animals


Pension Credit claimants now able to apply online

Pensioners are now able to apply for Pension Credit online in a move to assist those who are self-isolating or shielding during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ask a question at a coronavirus press conference

Find out how you can ask the government a question at the daily coronavirus press conference here.

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