Local Business Thefts

Please see below the latest local metropolitan police update relating to business thefts in the area

Please be aware of two identical incidents recently in Station Road, Sidcup. They involved a white male dipping into tills whilst being served, likely to be the same suspect .
On Saturday 04th January 2020 at approximately 1700hours, a white male entered the Coop in Station Road, Sidcup,  and approached the cashier behind the cigarette counter. The suspect asked to purchase a lighter and when the cashier opened the till the suspect immediately lent forward and reached into the till before stealing £125. Suspect then ran out of the store, barging a customer out of the way before fleeing towards the BR station. Suspect was described as White, tall, Slim, wearing a woolly hat and a jacket.

On Monday 06th January 2020 between 1725-1730hrs a white male entered Tesco’s in Station Road and immediately made his way to the till. The male then asked a member of staff for a box of matches. The cashier who served him opened the till and once again the suspect lent forward and reached into the till before running out with £20. Again the suspect was seen fleeing towards the BR station. Male was described as white, approx 6ft1, Slim, late teens,  wearing a white jacket and a baseball cap.

Please share this information with your staff and make them aware. Be aware of the identical times and description of the suspect

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