New round of discretionary

Local businesses that have been severely affected by the pandemic are now encouraged to apply for the latest round of Additional Restriction Grants (ARG).

The ARG is a non-repayable grant that has been set up by Bexley with the support of the Government to help local businesses that are not covered by other grant schemes or where additional funding is needed.

The scheme has been refined to better fit Bexley’s economy and to increase the amount of financial support available to local business owners. The changes have been made possible thanks to additional funding provided by the Government as part of the January lockdown.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Growth, Cllr Louie French said:

“Our experience and the feedback that we have received over the last few months has proved that not all businesses neatly fit into set categories on a form.

“This new round of the ARG has been designed to be more flexible for local businesses, allowing them to apply for the support they need to keep going and for our local economy to recover.

“If you previously looked at the grant and believed that couldn’t apply, please look again. We are listening and working hard to help you.”

In addition, Bexley has introduced a one-off support payment of £1000 for those in the London Borough of Bexley who hold a Special Treatment Licence. This is to assist these businesses with unavoidable regulatory costs while being forced to close. This support can be received by eligible applicants on top of any other grants received. Special Treatment Licence holders have already been written to by the Council.

Bexley businesses that applied to ARG in the first round (ending on 22 January) do not need to re-apply. Some applications from the previous round are still being evaluated and businesses will be contacted if successful.

All guidance for the updated ARG scheme and the application form to be found at

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