Shop Local

We are all aware of the impact Covid-19 has had on our local businesses and ask you to shop locally during and after the pandemic. Many of our local businesses who do not usually offer online services have started to offer their services online where possible. We kindly ask you to check and see if your local favourite businesses are doing this and show them some support. The need to social distance has also seen a number of our local businesses alter their services to fit in line with this. Many of our local restaurants are offering take away service or delivery, if you would usually visit these restaurants please consider a takeaway or delivery instead, it really will mean so much to that small business during this time, helping to support local cafes, bars and restaurants through the coming months is important to their survival. There are plenty of other ways you can also help and support without spending, such as following them on social media and leaving great reviews online, positive words of encouragement and great reviews from your previous interactions with our local businesses or recent ones not only keeps up moral but keeps that local business on the radar, a simple like or comment across social media can really help our small local businesses. Shop Local and support each other!


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