The London Business Hub’s COVID-19 Recovery grant applications

The London Business Hub’s COVID-19 Recovery grant applications will open on the London Business Hub website on Friday, 16th October at 10.30am.


All information and criteria to assess your eligibility and prepare for the grant application are now available.


Please take a moment to read our project information page and FAQs, which may have been updated since you last looked. As part of the process you will be asked to provide information on the cost and details of your project/service or item.


We expect to see a high volume of applications and have therefore capped the number of submissions in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment.


The grant application link will close when the maximum number of applications has been reached. This may mean that you are no longer able to progress through the tool if it closes before you have completed it.


Once applications have been opened, the application process may be paused temporarily depending on the volume of applications received and the amount of funding remaining. If applications are paused, an initial assessment will take place of all applications submitted to date and the remaining amount of funding will be reviewed. Once this initial assessment has been completed and if funds remain, applications will re-open until the remaining funding has been allocated. We will give one week notice if the grants reopen for applications and will update this web page as well as communicate the new date via social media.


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